2016 Young Archies Winners

Congratulations to all 2016 Young Archies entrants and award winners. Their work is on exhibition until 21 August 2016 at UTAS, Tasmanian College of the Arts, Hunter St, Hobart.

Vote for the People's Choice Award using the forms at the Exhibition.

K-2 Highly Commended: Margate Primary ↓
My Dad by Henri Tough

K-2 Highly Commended: St Helens District High ↓
Libby by Ivy Felmingham

K-2 Category Winner: Lindisfarne North
Overall K-6 Winner
Self Portrait by Archie Reynolds

Years 3-4 Highly Commended: Bellerive Primary ↓
Wildly Me by Anai's Fitzpatrick

Years 3-4 Highly Commended: Lenah Valley Primary ↓
Department of Education Secretary's Award
My Mum Amanda by Jessie Janson
Years 3-4 Category Winner: Glen Huon Primary ↓
Olive by Evie Steenholdt

Years 5-6 Highly Commended: Tasmanian eSchool ↓
Self Portrait by Brayden Cunningham

Years 5-6 Highly Commended: Tasmanian eSchool ↓
Snow by Sheldon Flynn

Years 5-6 Highly Commended: Princes Street Primary ↓
Big Dyl by Charlie Boardman
Years 5-6 Category Winner: Princes Street Primary ↓
Perfect Demeanour by Aja Verdouw

Years 7-8 Highly Commended: Ogilvie High ↓
My younger brother by Neko Kelly

Years 7-8 Highly Commended: Clarence High ↓
Mum by Jasmin Ellis

Years 7-8 Highly Commended: Queechy High ↓
My Bikie Dad by Eleanor Renton

Years 7-8 Joint Category Winner: Taroona High ↓
Jesse by Tristan Meffre

Years 7-8 Joint Category Winner: New Town High ↓
Grand Rakso by Oscar Puclin

Years 9-10 Highly Commended: Tasman District ↓
Cedrick by Heidi Smith

Years 9-10 Highly Commended: Tasmanian eSchool ↓
Happiness is friendship and ripe berries by T J Booth

Years 9-10 Highly Commended: Ogilvie High ↓
Mathew by Ruby Marschall

Years 9-10 Category Winner: Ogilvie High ↓
Brandon by Olivia Ware

Years 11-12 Highly Commended: Hobart College ↓
Anders Delight by Rhona McTavish

Years 11-12 Highly Commended: Rosny College ↓
Sophie by Brianna Smith

Years 11-12 Highly Commended: Claremont College ↓
Caity's Kisses by Linda Brown

Years 11-12 Category Winner: Hobart College ↓
Overall 7-12 Winner
And though she be but little, she is fierce by Keilan Grey

Exhibition Arrangers' Prize: Glen Huon Primary ↓
Memories of Grandpa by Amelia Tucker

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