What Matters? Tasmania 2016 Results

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up for all categories in the What Matters? Tasmania 2016 writing competition.

Back: Left to Right – Pearl Parker, Chloe Last, Airlee Lawson, Jem Nalder
Front: Left to Right – Jaimee Narracott, Amelia Fahey- Hankey, Bill Linton, Jenny Gale, Jeremy Rockliff, Eric Sidoti, Stacey Fox

Year 5/6 Winner: Pearl Parker, Campbell Street Primary School

I was only one day old when my parents took me to a place in China called the Social Welfare Institute.

One day I want to try to meet my birth parents. It matters to me because my birthparents are a part of who I am.

by Pearl Parker

Year 5/6 Runner-up: Amelia Fahey-Hankey, South Hobart Primary School

Down the hall I can hear my mother put the kettle on. Dust covers the windowpane, the sun filtering through the glass onto the floor. I lie under the blankets and think about my home.


The alarm goes off, and I climb onto the roof to watch the sunrise. Here I can see the Blue Mountains melt into a carpet of green bush.

Waiting for the Sunrise 
by Amelia Fahey-Hankey

Year 7/8 Winner: Jaimee Narracott, Huonville Primary School

A boy wearily collapses into the comer of his room, clutching his floral skirt as makeup tinged tears stream down his face. Automatically, if a boy wants to look pretty, that makes him a "Freak" and "Abnormal".

A girl nervously tugs her girlfriend through the front door to meet her parents, terrified of their response. To love someone of the same gender is "Wrong" and "Disgusting".

Somewhere in the World...
by Jaimee Narracot

Year 7/8 Runner-up: Airlee Lawson, Huonville High School

I've done something wrong. something I've never done before. I am scared to go home so I am at my friend's house. I know that if I go home I am going to get punched, kicked or verbally abused.


I have to go home at some point so it might as well be now. I walk in and it's exactly how I imagined it to be.

The Story of One
by Airlee Lawson

Year 9/10 Winner: Jem Nalder, Taroona High School

My friend's coming over today, he's older than me. But he's nice, so I like him. We always play games together.


Years have passed and hormones rush into my system, as do memories into my mind. This causes me to become sick.

It's Not Just a Game
by Jem Nalder

Year 9/10 Runner-up: Stacey Fox, Huonville High School

My Sister Matters, And The Decision She Made

Mostly for me, the memories are what matters the most. I didn't get to meet this beautiful girl everybody talks about.

Not only does she mean everything to me, she meant the world to everyone else. Her friends, family, pets and boyfriend.

What Matters?
by Stacey Fox

Year 11/12 Winner: Chloe Last, Hellyer College

She was beautiful, strong, and smart, everything a girl her age would dream of being.


She daily hid behind an invented smile. When the solitude of night came and darkness descended she would think about what she had done to deserve the heartache that filled her.

You're Not Alone
by Chloe Last

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