Clarendon Vale Primary School – LOVE in a LUNCHBOX

On 30 June, Clarendon Vale Primary School gym was buzzing with activity as the school community enjoyed ‘LOVE in a LUNCHBOX’. Through LOVE in a LUNCHBOX the entire school community was able to learn about the importance and affordability of a ‘Healthy lunchbox’, as well as a range of ideas and tips to make it simple.

This is a partnership between the school, their school nurse, Clarence Plains Child and Family Centre, representatives from a number of Health and Wellbeing organisations, and many local sponsors.

Throughout the morning, class by class, all Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 children and adults moved enthusiastically through an expo of engaging demonstrations, taster cafes, and displays that clearly exposed the ‘sneaky sugars’ that hide in lunch boxes. Interactions with the Tasmanian Canteen Association, Oral Health and Eat Safe Live Well also added to the learning experience. A team of Clarendon Vale parents and student volunteers from Rokeby High School worked relentlessly to prepare and serve food to the multitude of mouths who were eager to try some new taste experiences!

Every child completed a colourful feedback brochure to take home and share with their family. It gave them the opportunity to record their taste experiences, (with a smiley or a not so sure face) as well as providing the simple recipes that were used.

The incredibly busy morning finished with the whole school community sharing a healthy lunch of a salad roll/wrap, fruit and water. The event was a celebration of a shared vision and strong collaboration. 

The school would like to acknowledge the valuable help that came from so many people who generously gave their time, and skills over a number of weeks of planning and implementation. A big thank you to Banjos, Woolworths, Howrah Fresh, Rokeby IGA, Clarendon Vale Store, Hill Street Grocers, Best Fresh Wholesale, Salamanca Fresh, TasWater, and a willing army of choppers, graters, mixers, dishwashers, photographers, photocopiers, drivers, balloon blowers and cleaners!

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