Gifted Awareness Week 2016

Gifted Awareness Week Australia was founded by the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT) to:

1. raise awareness of the identification, support and learning needs of gifted children and

2. celebrate the dedication of individuals and educational bodies who are making a difference in the lives of gifted children and their families.

Gifted students are often perceived as a group who do not require additional support, because of the myth that they will reach their full potential without any adjustments being made to their learning program. However, they do require explicit extension to the level of challenge, depth and complexity of learning tasks as well as enrichment opportunities that match their strengths and develop their passions.

During 2015, nine Tasmanian schools initiated new programs in their schools that were specifically designed to meet the needs of their gifted and highly able students.

The programs included:
  • Illawarra Primary School: Japanese program for early years
  • East Launceston Primary School: year 3-4 enrichment in Maths, film making and developing a growth mindset
  • Spreyton Primary School: Jump Start program included art, robotics, creative writing and engineering challenges
  • Glen Dhu Primary: HyPE- hydroponics enterprise group 
  • Goulburn Street Primary School: Thinking outside the square saw students blogging, programming, participating in robotics and creating videos, with planning underway for the use of educational Minecraft
  • Margate Primary School: Blended learning and enrichment which included the development of online extension resources and a student ‘Techie team’ to support students and staff
  • South Hobart Primary School: developing depth in mathematical thinking and problem solving
  • Lindisfarne Primary School: Extension and enrichment through creative writing, art and online learning
  • Wynyard High School: Gold Program year 7 and 8 students learned Future Problem Solving Strategies and applied them to an engineering challenge to disaster-proof a community
The reaction from students, their teachers and parents has been resoundingly positive. Higher levels of engagement and motivation were noted among participating students as well as a growing appreciation of the value of being challenged and having to think and work hard, for success in lifelong learning.

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