Personalised Learning - James' Fundraising Success Story

James is a Year 5 student at Campbell Street Primary School. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and has experienced challenges in managing the school environment but through the support of his school and dedication of his current classroom teacher he has made significant progress both socially and academically. A key to James’ progress has been the efforts that have been made by his current classroom teacher and support teacher in transitioning James from Year 4 to Year 5.

James’ family recently contacted the Department of Education to share a wonderful story of how James led a successful fundraiser at his school. After learning about brain injury and dementia in class, James felt empowered to learn more about dementia and the affect this condition can have not only on the person, but also on the whole family.

James then decided to speak to his school principal about his idea to raise awareness across the school community about dementia. Through James’ research he wrote an article for school explaining the reason for the fundraiser and with support advertised the fundraiser including asking for donations of cupcakes to sell. The school recently held a free dress day and a cupcake stall sale was held.

James with the support of his school community raised $1000 for Wicking Dementia Support and Research. This was a very proud day for James and he has received positive recognition from his school mates, teachers and family on this powerful act of kindness. Well done James on this very successful achievement!

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