2015 RBF Awards for Excellence: Professional Support Specialist of the Year

Orford Primary School

Nominated by: Elizabeth Humphries

Sarah is an outstanding, multi- skilled professional as a Support Teacher, Little Tackers/Little Learners Coordinator and Kinder/ Prep Teacher. Sarah cleverly links her three key roles to create effective learning partnerships with colleagues, families and the broader community.

Her knowledge, skill and enthusiasm has resulted in improvements for students. Sarah is determined to see that each child has opportunities to be the best they can be.

She exemplifies Lead Teacher benchmarks as she mentors teachers, parents and support staff to plan, model and implement adjusted learning programs across the school.

Sarah is passionate about early learning and supporting all students, initiating a parent volunteer program providing multi-layered benefits to staff, students, parents and the wider school community.

The high levels of attendance from local families demonstrates how successful Sarah is engaging the community.

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Dunalley  Primary  School

Nominated by: Tanya Pettman and Ingrid Fielding

Karen works tirelessly in her role as a support teacher with high needs students, their families and their teachers. She has an in depth understanding of students with disabilities and is constantly sourcing new concepts and approaches to support these students.

Karen possesses outstanding pedagogical knowledge, modifying task approaches and activities to meet the varying learning styles of students. Her classroom is a place of warmth, calmness, energy and productivity.

She possesses exceptional interpersonal skills. Her happy, warm, friendly and caring nature ensures that she can assist and guide students and staff members through the most difficult of times.

Karen is the epitome of a teacher who puts learners first and as a result achieves excellent outcomes for students across the school.

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Somerset  Primary School

Nominated by: Jonelle and Matthew Willcox

A significant factor behind the success and development of our daughter Chelsea, has been the involvement of teacher of the deaf, Michelle Dazeley.

It’s clear that Michelle’s passion for supporting the needs of the child, as an individual, and empowering us as parents are central to her work.

Her influence on our daughter is immeasurable. She goes beyond the expectations of our daughter receiving a high-quality education based on adjustments for a literacy and numeracy program. The effect Michelle has had on building her positivity, sense of self belief, confidence, and acceptance of self is exceptional.

Michelle is a passionate advocate for ensuring that the wider school community are accepting and understanding of the deaf community. Her approach shows tolerance, acceptance, and resilience and allows everyone to understand and explore their potential.

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