2015 RBF Awards for Excellence: Principal of the Year – Secondary

Launceston College

Nominated by: Liz Bennet

Under Keith’s leadership, the college has achieved outstanding student outcomes that are amongst the highest in the state. These results are due in no small part to his great attention to detail, investing in contextual professional learning for staff, constructive facility development and understanding of influencing factors for student outcomes.

Keith leads the largest college in Tasmania, is CEO of an extensive registered training organisation, and has demonstrated outstanding leadership for his school and for his fellow educators around the state.

As a result of his financial management and dedicated approach to resource and facility development many improvements have recently progressed which have effectively contributed to the college’s capacity to meet diverse student needs and pathways.

Under Keith’s leadership, the college has significantly extended its community engagement and that is exemplified in the level of support the community gives to college activities.

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Elizabeth College

Nominated by: Matthew  Burns and Craig Carnes

Dianne manages a college with a diverse group of students yet guides the school to have one goal and vision; to see the students succeed.

She constantly nurtures leadership potential in her staff, and has fostered an open and supportive environment and a culture of sharing where all employees work together as a team to enhance the learning and lifelong opportunities of students.

Dianne is a very supportive Principal with a strong work ethic and a sense of fun. She sets high standards in all aspects of her work, from supporting pre-service teachers, to managing finances with an expert eye for detail, to joining student camps to participate in abseiling, bushwalking and kayaking.

She is actively and comprehensively involved in all areas of college life and her relationships with students,
parents and staff are characterised by honesty, insight and empathy.

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Montrose Bay High School

Nominated by: Tamara  Davey and James Clark

In addition to her role as a school Principal, Mandy was elected to the State Executive of the Tasmanian Principal Association and has served on the Australian Council of Educational Leaders State Executive planning and facilitating state-wide professional learning for other educational leaders.

Mandy has led her school team in the building of a powerful teacher learning community model.This has brought about innovative change in the delivery of the curriculum and greater engagement of students and the community in the educational outcomes of the school.

She has a consistent focus on building capacity in others and established a strong local network with her feeder schools. Mandy has provided outstanding leadership and built powerful community partnerships.

Mandy involves herself in extracurricular activities and constantly provides outstanding efforts to enhance all areas of school while maintaining a high standard of professionalism.

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