2015 RBF Awards for Excellence: Outstanding Use of Innovation and Technology

Advanced  Skills Teacher, Taroona High School

Nominated by: Angela Rule

Scott successfully formed Taroona High’s first student Cyber Safety Committee responsible for educating students and the school community around how to be responsible online citizens.

He saw the potential for students to have more input into what cyber safety messages were being taught and delivered, and that any successful Cyber Safety Curriculum would need to involve teachers, parents and students.

This innovative project gave the students the opportunity to plan and deliver cyber safety messages to the community and included ‘student voice’ into the school’s Cyber Safety Curriculum. The student Committee used new innovative technologies and traditional technologies to promote cyber safety inside and outside the school walls.

Under Scott’s guidance the Committee has done a fantastic job to successfully raise the profile of cyber safety while demonstrating the potential of empowering student groups to innovate and educate others.

e-Learning programs, Southern  Support School

Nominated by: Kent Poulton

Chloe has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to be innovative and fully utilise appropriate technology in her classroom and her online teaching practice to enrich student learning.

She uses a variety of technologies to allow her students and the staff that she supports to make connections with the curriculum and learning materials at a personal level. Chloe engages students and makes both the materials and technology available to staff and students in an accessible way.

Her approach aims to eliminate the hurdles that learning a new piece of software or technology can add to the new experience so that the enjoyment of discovery and learning in a new way is the primary focus.

Chloe is an exceptional teacher who has demonstrated skill, great flexibility, drive and commitment to her work.

LINC Tasmania

Nominated by: Caroline Homer

The Tasmanian Names Index provides access to over 850,000 records about Tasmanian people via a single search. It also provides immediate access to digitised records including Tasmanian birth, death and marriage records for the first time.

The new single search index was developed by staff from across LINC Tasmania, including Julie Mills, Brad Finn, Jill Waters, Chris Rule and Anthony Black.They brought a range of technical, cataloguing and archival record skills to the project to find a solution that preserves the data and makes it more discoverable to clients.

The team also created an instructional video on how to search the Index, which was posted to YouTube and has had over 14,000 views.

The index has proved extremely popular with clients and paved the way for LINC Tasmania to apply the technology to a range of other uses.

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