2015 RBF Awards for Excellence: Principal of the Year – Early Years and Primary

Austins Ferry Primary School

Nominated by: Maureen McKeown and Judy Travers

Anne embraces inclusive practice and has built a culture of high expectations that takes into account the richness and diversity of her school community. Anne leads her staff with great skill, building commitment and capacity amongst her school teams and taking great pride in their achievements.

She is highly visible throughout the school and regularly monitors the effectiveness of the schools interventions in all areas of learning. Anne leads the teaching and learning program with knowledge and passion, and a deep understanding of curriculum content, teacher pedagogy and quality learning environments.

Anne has an outstanding ability to develop cohesion, calmness and wonderful conditions for learning. She ensures absolute community involvement and consistently receives public acclamation of her collaborative leadership and outstanding capacity to ensure a collective and individual sense of belonging and aspirational culture for all in the whole school community.

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Campania District School

Nominated by: Donna Terry

Anna is an enthusiastic, and positive team leader who has exceptional time management, mentoring and leadership skills which she uses consistently in the daily operations of her school.

Anna provides decisive leadership, instruction, mentoring and guidance to her staff to build a productive and inspired team. She celebrates and shares achievements with positive and uplifting messages to the wider community acknowledging the achievements of the school.

The alternative and inclusive programs that Anna has initiated have had a positive effect on student’s educational development and also on attendance. She welcomes input from community members and supports programs designed for families to come together within the school environment to work on projects together as a family unit.

Anna wholeheartedly supports the school community to continually encourage all members to embrace life-long learning and to reach for personal excellence.

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Waverley  Primary School

Nominated by: Lisa Sutton

Tony is a passionate, committed, dedicated, admired and respected leader, teacher and friend to students, staff, parents and community members. Under the leadership of Tony the school, students and community are thriving.

He exhibits great pride in the school and engages actively with students in a range of extracurricular activities. An achievement in school or out is always recognised and celebrated with the whole school.

Tony is an enthusiastic advocate for education and seeks to offer as many education programs run during or after school hours as he can. He was actively involved in talks to establish a community garden on school grounds, again to give local community members and students the chance to work together.

He is approachable, open minded and friendly and is always available to discuss a problem or any idea anyone may have.

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