2015 RBF Awards for Excellence: Teacher of the Year – Secondary

Elizabeth College

Nominated by: Oliver Close

Joe is a highly respected teacher who has gone above and beyond the expectations of his job to ensure the students with whom he works have every opportunity to achieve their potential.

He has been a leader in Sport Science curriculum development over the last 25 years and is a passionate and highly respected teacher of outdoor education. Joe’s commitment to his students has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Joe has coordinated the Elizabeth College enrichment program for the last ten years, providing a range of opportunities that engage students and assist them to have a more meaningful, holistic college experience.

His communication skills, empathy, approachability and ability to overcome adversity have enabled him to play a key role in inspiring his colleagues and students and supporting the dynamic and culturally diverse student group at Elizabeth College.

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Hobart College

Nominated by: Tracey Siedler

Glenn is passionate about teaching and shows a determination that all programs are appropriately student-focused and expectations are clearly articulated. Glenn is a highly respected educator and leader in Vocational Education and Training.

His interpersonal skills have enabled him to successfully mobilise teams to achieve in a range of vocational programs across the college and forge community partnerships.

Glenn is enthusiastic about professional learning and its importance in building capacity in teams. He works with teachers to develop strong pastoral care programs that clearly meet individual student needs and support holistic learning goals.

He is a dedicated, supportive colleague and an outstanding mentor to staff and students. His professionalism and contribution to educational programs, and expertise in creating authentic learning environments is testament to his outstanding contribution to the college community.

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Taroona High School

Nominated by: David Edwards

Glenn has worked tirelessly for his students and school to provide opportunities to succeed in Music at a very high level.

He invests in the Music education of hundreds of young Tasmanians, and uses Music to engage students in other aspects of their learning. Glenn’s work has a life changing impact on the lives of his students both musically, and in their wider school and personal lives.

As well as community performances, school performances, tours both interstate and internationally,  eisteddfods, musicals and Arts Festivals, Glenn is involved in developing additional opportunities for his students outside of school where they can further pursue their passion in Music and develop their skills and experience.

His students respect and admire him as an outstanding educator. His colleagues learn from him
and are also inspired in their own work by what he does every day.

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