2015 RBF Awards for Excellence: Support Employee of the Year

Elizabeth College

Nominated by: Dianne Purnell

Johnny has overall responsibility for the security and welfare of students and staff and works closely with the community police officer at the college as an integral and highly valued member of the student services team.

The respect and trust shown by all students is testimony to his high-level skills in communication and preventative intervention strategies. Johnny is an essential part of the college’s anti-bullying strategy and focuses on preventative strategies.

He works with and supports teachers with individual student behaviours in classrooms and works closely with students at risk and their parents.

Johnny is known as someone who is perceptive, emotionally intelligent and sensitive to the needs of others. He makes an exceptional contribution to the lives of others, particularly those young people who struggle to find their direction as they transition into adulthood.

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Riverside Primary  School

Nominated by: Jane Bovill

Graeme is a skilled operator who takes pride in his work, shows initiative, works independently and models the school values of excellence through his effort and commitment.

Graeme works far beyond the expected responsibilities of the role and he has been a driving force in putting our vision for improving our school environment into reality.

Over the years he has made valuable contributions to the school facilities being an integral member of the Outdoor Learning and Active Play Areas Committee.
Recently Graeme organised the design, materials and on the ground leadership of a series of weekends of working bees on an underdeveloped area of the grounds.

His high-level design and landscaping skills, willingness to work weekends and enthusiasm to achieve a new space for students were a major contribution.

Graeme is a positive role model to students modelling respect and a high-level work ethic.

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Montrose Bay High School

Nominated by: Anne Stewart

Nigel enthusiastically undertakes a range of roles in the school.He consistently demonstrates high-level interpersonal skills and an incredible understanding of how to best meet students’ needs.

He demonstrates strong initiative and an excellent ability to plan and prioritise multiple tasks and adapt to complex timetable changes. Nigel conducts himself in an extremely professional manner, demonstrating empathy and resilience.

Nigel connects to the school in so many ways, he participates in student-led activities, supporting and encouraging them in their fundraising and activity-based efforts and demonstrating his value and belief in their achievements.

Nigel is someone who brings energy and enthusiasm to the workplace and is an amazing and outstanding support employee. He is intrinsically motivated to make a difference for the students and to help make the teachers’ days run smoothly.

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