2015 RBF Awards for Excellence: Special Award for Exceptional Volunteer Services to Education

President  of Tasmanian Association  of State School Organisations

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Nominated by: Debra McOrist-Mitchell

Jenny, as the recently retired President of TASSO, has contributed innumerable voluntary hours communicating with parents of students in public education, various journalists and as an active member of numerous education working groups and committees over many, many years.

Her exceptional volunteer contribution first began when she was enticed into getting involved on Hagley Farm School’s parent body and she has been a champion for parents and students ever since.

She actively supports the view that education should be provided to all to enable children to develop their abilities and achieve their maximum potential irrespective of their parents’ capacity to pay, class, disability, gender, culture, level of ability or where they live.

Jenny is a talented and highly respected individual with an amazing ability to be across a huge variety of subjects related to public education. She gives her time freely and generously.

Jenny’s extended voluntary contribution to public education and promotion of the voices of parents has had positive effects that cannot be quantified, way beyond any one classroom or school.

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