2015 RBF Awards for Excellence: LINC Employee of the Year

Launceston LINC

Nominated by: Susan Howard

Garry’s deep understanding of the LINC brand and his research and vision has allowed him to oversee the redevelopment of the Launceston LINC into a physical space which is both futuristic and truly reflects and cements the brand values.

He worked closely with the design committee so they clearly understood the vision and brand requirements and monitored progress and handled issues as they arose to ensure that the vision was not compromised.

Gary supported staff through the difficult times of continue to work in a building site environment and hosting reopening activities to showcase the completed work to the community.

The outcome of his leadership and strategic thinking is that each floor represents one aspect of the tag line and uses the brand colours.The feedback from staff, clients, other site staff and stakeholders has been extremely positive.

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Kingston LINC

Nominated by: Greg Bain

Jane is passionate about showcasing local artists and collectors, and constantly seeks out items of interest to make a trip to the LINC a memorable experience.

Jane developed a program of events that brought new clients to the LINC, with her passion for design and promotion motivating other staff to look for ways to showcase the LINC to the clients.

She is part of the team who deliver children’s sessions and is committed to promoting her community and fostering social inclusion. Jane’s sense of humour and enthusiastic personality shine, both in the organised sessions and in each interaction with children.

Jane is regarded by her colleagues and loyal LINC clients as being a key part of the team’s success. Her commitment stretches beyond her rostered hours and she is always brimming with ideas and suggestions.

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