2015 RBF Awards for Excellence: Employee of the Year

Principal Leader, e-Learning

Nominated by: Kent Poulton

Through Phil’s strong and clear leadership, the Curriculum Services eLearning team have teamed with ITS to provide outstanding support, vision and direction for the teachers and learners across our state.

He has nurtured an environment of innovation and creativity, while ensuring that goals and priorities have been meet or exceeded.

Phil is a passionate and creative educator, always abreast of leading worldwide research that he shares to inspire his team and guide them towards continually improving student learning outcomes.

Phil has a broad network from which he is able to create connections and share the work being developed through his team. It is his ability to translate the theory and support change within classrooms that makes him such a valued educator.

He has created a team of highly competent and passionate staff that actively seek and create tools and systems that support learners and staff.

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Principal Education Review Officer

Nominated by: Trudy Cowley

Jonathan is a highly professional quiet achiever with outstanding analytical skills and an exceptional work ethic. Jonathan is the mastermind behind many of the key departmental data analysis architectures.

He always seeks to attain best practice, continually looking for ways to improve current practice. Jonathan always puts the student at the centre of his decision making, with a focus on achieving high quality outcomes.

Jonathan is always professional, approachable and supportive of team members, providing informative and actionable feedback. He is highly empathic, empowers colleagues to build capacity, continually encourages excellence and leads by example.

He works collaboratively with business unit staff, departmental staff, and people external to the Department.

Jonathan’s outstanding work outcomes, drive for continual improvement, collaborative style and professionalism are highly regarded across the Department.

Manager Information Support Service

Nominated by: Trevor Hill

Lisa managed the migration of the Department’s electronic document and records management system applying whole of government project management methodology.

The project required extensive planning with a wide variety of stakeholders including IT Services, external vendors and end users.

The completed project provides an updated and contemporary business classification structure, a reduction in information stores and duplication of documents, increased linkages to disposal schedules and archives, increased training and use of the application across all non-school areas of the Department, and an increased understanding by all users of their information management responsibilities.

Lisa determined that there was potential for a professional development opportunity for her staff. She demonstrated initiative to work through complex issues and achieved the required result making sure that the Department still complied with policies and legislation.

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