Where can education take you: Pharmacist and Performance artist Allison Farrow

Allison Farrow completed Year 11 and 12 at Elizabeth College in 1994 and 1995.

Throughout her school years Allison had a love for both the Sciences and the Arts and, despite being told that eventually she would have to choose one or the other, the time to decide between the two has never arrived!

After finishing Year 12 Allison studied Pharmacy at the University of Tasmania and completed her internship at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. She stayed on in Melbourne for a year before taking some time to travel. Eventually she settled back in Hobart and has now been a clinical pharmacist at the Royal Hobart Hospital for many years.

She has continued performing throughout and loves it still. In 2006 she established dell’Arte Productions and has since created, produced and performed in several one-woman shows. Allison has performed locally, nationally and internationally as well as making several recordings. Allison is currently studying a Masters degree in Art and Entertainment Management formalising the producing skills she has gained over recent years.

Allison continues to exercise her right not to choose and, contrarily, likes to try as many new things as she can reasonably manage. Currently that includes family, travel, pharmacy, study and the performing arts and Allison feels she has the balance just about right.

For more information about studying at Elizabeth College, visit their website and Facebook page.

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