Personalising learning - Meet Daisy

Daisy is 6 years old and she attends her local primary school. She is enjoying taking on the challenge of learning new things. She loves anything ‘hands on’ and investigating the natural and social world of her school.

Daisy has had a severe vision impairment since birth. From when she was very young, Daisy’s family have taken an active role in her educational programme and have developed a strong partnership with the school and the specialist staff who work with her.

Daisy has an Individual Education Plan which personalises her learning to support the severe vision impairment she has. Daisy and her family work together with her classroom teacher, support teacher and specialist support staff in developing the plan, which continues to be reviewed to reflect her changing needs.

From an early age, Daisy was encouraged to identify goals, understand her learning strengths and the learning media which enables her to access the curriculum. At age 6, Daisy can name her vision condition and describe things which improve and hinder her vision.

The Department of Education’s Vision Services team has worked with Daisy since birth providing a range of specialist services to meet her specific learning needs.

The Vision Services team includes teachers with post-graduate specialist qualifications in vision impairment, a teacher with a background in Optometry, an Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Technology Specialists, and a Vision Resource Unit that provides access to alternate format learning materials such as braille, large print, auditory and tactual resources.

The team also works in collaboration with Vision Australia to help students with vision impairment communicate with other students in the vision impaired community. In each region, different children with vision impairment share experiences and take on specialist learning together. This could include orientation and mobility skills, learning braille or using specialist technology.

Technology is an important part of Daisy’s learning programme, which includes a range of mainstream and specialised assistive technology. Technology specialists and an equipment library are available so that she can learn to use and access devices to help her learn, such as Braille Notes.

During school time, a Vision Services Resource Teacher is available to work directly with Daisy, her class teachers and within the broader classroom. This teacher has a crucial role in helping to build an inclusive learning environment and identifying the tools that enable this to happen.

A Teacher’s Assistant also works with Daisy in the classroom and follows her Individual Education Plan, including advice from her classroom teacher and specialist team. The support of the Orientation and Mobility specialists who focus on safe and independent walking and travel are also a key part of helping Daisy to engage and participate in all aspects of school life.

More generally, Vision Services also provide professional learning for schools to embrace diversity and make the best use of their resources. Vision Services teachers continue to do research and development into how learning experiences can be enhanced for children with vision impairment.

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