Lansdowne Crescent Primary Finalist for the 2014 Junior Landcare Team Award

Hi, did you know that Lansdowne Crescent Primary School from West Hobart is the Tasmanian Finalist for the 2014 Junior Landcare Team Award?  We are really excited to be selected!

Our school cares for the land in lots of ways. For 16 years we’ve partnered with the local Landcare group, The Friends of Knocklofty (FOKL) to care for our local bushland, Knocklofty Reserve.

We’ve weeded out lots of gorse and boneseed and successfully planted 1000’s of native trees to revegetate Knocklofty’s dry sclerophyll forest and wet gullies.

Since 2011 Lansdowne’s Land to Sea student leaders have been developing an interpretive bilingual nature etrail around Knocklofty Reserve to encourage more people to enjoy the reserve.

For the 2013 and 2014 National Science Week’s the team have led interpretive walks for neighbouring schools and community groups demonstrating the use of Quick Response (QR) codes on smart devices to access information about Knocklofty’s fauna, and flora geology, history, recreational use and aesthetic appreciations collected and curated by the Land to Sea teams.

Through this research we became aware that bats need mature hollow trees to roost in. Due to the  historical deforestation of Knocklofty’s bushland there are few mature trees so we are now building bat boxes to provide safe nesting places for native bats such as the lesser long eared bat.

We are placing the boxes in eucalypts in and around LCPS and giving them to neighbours of Knocklofty Reserve who border the bush, to put them in their backyards.

From Claudia and Phoebe

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