What Matters? Writing Competition 2014 Year 9-10 Winner - Chelsea Burt

What Matters?

Chelsea Burt with Minister Rockliff
I care about many, many things, but when it comes down to it, I care most about the people I love. These people give me hope and strength to complete my goals, to get through things like school, work, negative thoughts and the rough times. They’re always there to bring me happiness and lift my spirits when I’m low, they show me that I’m worth something, that I’m love and wanted. Without these people in my life I would feel lost, insecure and alone in such a big world.

That’s not all I care about though; I care about all sorts of thing, big and small. I care about the way the moon shines its beauty down on us through the night and lets the sun up to breathe during the day. I care about each and every star that twinkles upon our earth in the night sky. I care about the way that just one person can make you feel safe and special when they hold you tight, how one individual can feel like they’re your whole world. I care about the little jokes, fights and the contagious smile that stays when you’re together; I care about the feeling of love. I care about sleeping in on a rainy day, having a cup of tea before bed and when you wake up of a morning. I care about long phone calls, staying up late talking about everything on your mind to someone who understands you. I care for the word trust and the meaning behind it. The midnight snacks, the adrenaline rush of doing something you’re not supposed to be doing, having an argument with someone you love and then making up, but the things you care for aren’t always the things you love.

I care for the people who cry, whether it be yesterday, today or 100 years in the future. I care for the people out there dealing with life changing illnesses, the people who can’t afford food, water or nice things, who spend their life envying those who have the simple luxury of living in a warm dry house. Most of all I care that my mother lost her battle with the monster who roams the earth looking for his next victim, usually those who are innocent. This monster is cancer. I was just at the age of eight and she was only thirty six. It breaks my heart more and more each day to know I’ll never see her smile or hear her laugh again, we’ll never have mother daughter days like most others, she’ll never be there to see me get married, have children and move into my first house. She won’t watch me grow from a child to a woman and that hurts. It hurts that I’ll never see her again. I feel for my dad who has had to raise my sister and I as a single parent for the last seven years. He has no time for himself as he has to work, cook, clean, make sure we have what we need and look after us on his own. Looking at him tears me apart. I can see the pain and emptiness he holds. I feel for my sister who was turning 3 the day after it happened, I feel her pain she will feel when she’s older and starts to realise she never even got to know her own mother. This, losing my role model, has completely broken me.

Going through this pain and loss has not only made me mentally stronger but also made me grown into a person who is ready for anything life has to offer. I am now prepared to take on whatever comes my way, whatever it may be.

Bring it on.

By Chelsea Burt
Cressy District High School
Year 9/10 Category

What Matters? Writing Competition

Congratulations to all participants of this year’s ‘What Matters?’ Writing Competition!  Prizes were awarded to students by Minister Rockliff, with each category winner now invited to participate in a Young Writers Forum and attend a ceremony in Sydney later in the year, where an overall winner will be announced.  Students were asked to write an opinion piece about an issue or matter of significance in society today, and award winners have demonstrated great talent, energy and enthusiasm for creative writing.

Award Recipients: 
Year 5/6
Madison Gorenc (winner)
Tristan Meffre (runner up)
Princes Street Primary
Princes Street Primary
Year 7/8
Luke Muir (winner)
Lucinda Lagos (runner up)
Reece High School
Kingston High School
Year 9/10
Chelsea Burt (winner)
Caleb Clifford (runner up)
Cressy District High
Cressy District High
Year 11/12
Belinda Parry (winner)
Jack Pelikan (runner up)
Hellyer College
Hellyer College

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