What Matters? Writing Competition 2014 Year 11-12 Runner Up - Jack Pelikan

Less Matters than You Think

What Matters? Writing Competition - Award presentation

My policy: “If it doesn't concern me, then it’s not my business,” informs my behaviour. I prefer to leave things to the people who can deal with them better. Many people could learn from this philosophy. The rare times I change my philosophy are when something appears interesting enough to merit my attention or it is of the utmost importance.

I prefer to avoid public problems especially if they are only going to be more trouble than they are worth. In my short life time I have found that sometimes a problem is better left alone to those who it really concerns. I have witnessed people sticking their noses into other people’s business and ultimately making the situation worse. They drag in others, start rumours and are not the people required to give the necessary support and assistance.

I’ve never had much of an opinion on most things as I prefer to stay neutral to avoid arguments. If it is something that I feel passionate about, then I’ll give my opinions on the topic, but I take my own advice; listen more and speak less. I voice my thoughts and allow others to make their own decisions. We do not all have to think the same and feel the same way. What an uninteresting place it would be if we did.

People tend to put too much emphasis on the rich and famous. I couldn't care less and do not judge my life or its worth against theirs. They have their lives, and we have ours; all humans here for a purpose. The only difference is they are well-known and richer and we’re just us. Society follows famous people and the trends they set. The problem is that we (those who are not interested in the rich and famous) follow our peers and people who are interested rather than staying true to our own style.

In the world of the rich and famous truth seems to be an unknown quality. I guess this does not apply to all but with the media so centred on the lives of these people and often on getting a story it is the truth that becomes lost. How are we supposed to tell what is true or not? Surely we should not regard these people as heroes when there is so much controversy centred on their lives. By focussing on them we miss what is important; our individuality, our creativity and the possibilities that lie within us.

Those who do stay true to their own style can often find considerably more about which to be happy. Our lives, and what we do with them, are what matters. Do we really have any business poking our noses into the lives of other people when they have their own things to attend to? Following a trend is fine as long as it only goes so far and that you do not allow it to define you. You do not want to be led deeper into the trend, so much so that you eventually lose sight of your true self. Your path will be influenced by others, however, it is important that young people have the skills to make choices and ultimately be true to themselves.

Once you lose sight of who you are, that person becomes buried. This loss should be recognised and felt as individuality is important. There isn't much that matters to me but self-belief and being true to yourself are paramount and these things should matter, not only to me but society, if we want the best for the future.

By Jack Pelikan
Hellyer College
Year 11/12 Category

What Matters? Writing Competition

Congratulations to all participants of this year’s ‘What Matters?’ Writing Competition!  Prizes were awarded to students by Minister Rockliff, with each category winner now invited to participate in a Young Writers Forum and attend a ceremony in Sydney later in the year, where an overall winner will be announced.  Students were asked to write an opinion piece about an issue or matter of significance in society today, and award winners have demonstrated great talent, energy and enthusiasm for creative writing.

Award Recipients: 
Year 5/6
Madison Gorenc (winner)
Tristan Meffre (runner up)
Princes Street Primary
Princes Street Primary
Year 7/8
Luke Muir (winner)
Lucinda Lagos (runner up)
Reece High School
Kingston High School
Year 9/10
Chelsea Burt (winner)
Caleb Clifford (runner up)
Cressy District High
Cressy District High
Year 11/12
Belinda Parry (winner)
Jack Pelikan (runner up)
Hellyer College
Hellyer College

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