Public School Closures and Advice - Friday 1st August

Due to poor weather conditions, a number of schools will be closed on Friday 1st August following power outages, road closures and damage to facilities.

This list will updated as further advice is received.

* Updates for Friday 8:48am

Schools closed on Friday 1 August:

Bracknell Primary School 

Campbell Town District High School

Collinsvale Primary School 

Cressy District High School *

Evandale Primary School

Forth Primary School *

Glenora District High School

Kings Meadows High School

Lilydale District High School

Queechy High School 

Ravenswood Heights Primary School

Sprent Primary School *

Westerway District High School 

Wilmot Primary School *

Zeehan Primary School

Schools affected by further closures will contact parents via usual means, including SMS.  An updated list of closed schools is also available on the Department’s Facebook page 

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