New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

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1,000 Schools…    10 Countries… 

One Partnership to Transform Education

A global partnership to unleash the potential of deep learning for teachers and students, and to drive whole system change.

20 schools across the state are participating in the global partnership trial that is looking innovating teaching and learning frameworks supported by new technologies. The partnership brings together 1,000 schools from across 10 nations and involves Michael Fullan and industry partners Microsoft, Intel, and Promethean.

Tasmanian Schools - View in Google Maps

 The schools participating in the pilot are:

Elizabeth College, Newtown HS, Moonah PS, Sandy Bay/Waimea HTS, Lansdowne Cres. PS, Ogilvie HS, Tasman DHS, Sorell School, Lauderdale PS
Newstead College, Youngtown PS, West Launceston PS, Riverside PS.
Ravenswood HTS PS, Kings Meadows HS, East Launceston PS 
North West:
Hellyer College, Burnie HS, Reece HS, Hillcrest PS.

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