What Matters Tasmania - 2013 Winners and Runners Up

Budding young Tasmanian writers showcased their skills at the 2013 What Matters Tasmania Awards by expressing their views on major community issues.

“Tasmania’s future will be built on the energy and creativity of our young people,” Mr McKim said.

“That’s why it’s so important to provide the skills they need to flourish, as well as the encouragement and inspiration to express themselves through competitions like this."

Each student wrote an opinion piece on what matters to them and why, in accordance with the following questions:

  • What actions do you think should be taken to build a better society?
  • What would you change if you could?
  • What do you want other people to care about?
Read their thoughtful responses...

Dear Ms Julia Gillard, What are you doing to Australia? Georgia Gregory:  Letter to The Prime Minister. 

Six year old Jess wakes up, and as usual she’s bruised and scratched badly. Dylan LonerganChild Abuse. 

School was a battleground where we were outnumbered by kids who thought they were better than us. Anna StocksSticks and Stones may break my bones, Butwords will still hurt me. 

It is my belief that the western sentiment of ‘Money is Power’ is corrupt and hurtful to the poor. Mitchell WoolleyA Review of the Welfare System. 
Underage drinking is a problem noted nationwide. Adolescents and sometimes even younger children have consumed alcohol, with 90% of over 14 year olds having had alcohol at least once. Siobhan McDonaldWho would want that? 

These words are used to pay respect every April 25th. But who are we really remembering? Rowena McPhee:  ANZAC Spirit. 

Society has countless flaws but if one fault could be changed, it should be to make all branches of the media more aware for the effects of their messages. Ella BaileyTheMedia Matters. 

Mr McKim congratulated Anna Stocks from Clarence High School, who won the overall competition.
Mr McKim congratulated all finalists and winners, including the individual category winners:

  • Georgia Gregory (Year 5/6)
  • Anna Stocks (Year 7/8)
  • Siobhan McDonald (Year 9/10)
  • Ella Bailey (Year 11/12)

Category   Ranking               Student                    School 
5/6             1 (winner)              Georgia Gregory        Tasmanian eSchool
5/6             2 (runner up)          Dylan Lonergan         Nixon Street Primary School
7/8             1 (winner)              Anna Stocks             Clarence High School
7/8             2 (runner up)          Mitchell Woolley        New Town High School
9/10           1 (winner)              Siobhan McDonald     Smithton High School
9/10           2 (runner up)          Rowena McPhee       Reece High School
11/12         1 (winner)              Ella Bailey                 Rosny College

Read the comments from the judges.

Read Mr McKim's media release Young Tasmanian's Writing from the Heart.

Listen to the ABC Drive interview with Rowena McPhee.

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