Cosgrove High School congratulates scholarship winners

Congratulations to Margaret Richardson M2 and Rhianna Carty M1 who have been selected by Montrose Bay High Staff as our two Glenorchy Writer's Scholarship recipients. The girls will travel to Melbourne with Miss Potter and Mrs Bessell in late August to attend the Melbourne Writers Festival and visit Ivanhoe Grammar.

The Scholarship for twenty people is completely funded by grants and funds from Adriana Taylor and Scott Bacon. Rotary has also generously donated towards this trip.

Megan Hoult from Montrose Bay High initiated this successful writing opportunity across the Glenorchy Schools.

Each school community is also aiming to raise approximately $500 to cover travel insurance and meals.

Two students and two teachers from each of the following schools will also attend - Montrose Bay High, Rosetta Primary School, Windermere Primary School, Glenorchy Primary School and of course Cosgrove High School.

This scholarship will take students and staff to a day of the Melbourne Writers Festival to attend workshops run by Shaun Tan, Morris Gleitzman and Andy Griffiths. Students and staff will also visit Ivanhoe Grammar to experience Writer’s Notebook workshops and view this in practice.

Scholarship recipients met each other at Cosgrove High School recently for ice breaker activities prior to a celebration evening where each school winner read their writing to the audience.

The Cosgrove High School community have already commenced fundraising. Lollie jar competitions have been run with the support of Marilyn Nicholls, Angela Schwartz and Mark Bowden. The winning students have written letters seeking support from the Parent’s Association and the Student Leaders. Later this month attending staff and students will volunteer on the Glenorchy Football Club gates.

Well done also to the top 5 entries which were selected and sent off to Montrose Bay High. These were the two scholarship recipients plus J'aime Stewart M3, Olivia Jansen M3, Liam Davie M2.

Twelve year 7 students in total put their names forward for this competition. Well done to following students who also submitted entries: Isaac Johnston M3,  Decoda Hodgkins M2, Gemma Stennings M2, Josie Goransson M2, Kiarna Crossingham M2, Mitchell Dawes M2 and Phoebe Vellar M1.

Margaret Richardson wrote:

I think that the most powerful writing I have seen would be in books. Fictional books are full of emotions that make you feel as though you are in the story, biographies and auto-biographies are full of true things that have happened to that person and they make you feel exactly the same as the person who wrote it. Books and stories are full of amazing things.

Emotional stories are my strong points, but I need some help to make them better. I think going to Melbourne would help me to improve them. I always hope that someone will feel the same emotion as the person in the story, sadly that hasn't happened yet. I have written a story that I will show at the end of the piece.

I also have a huge love of reading which has helped with my vocabulary and has inspired me to become an author when I get older. I began writing when I was eight, during school. My teachers and my mother loved my stories and said that I would make a great writer when was older, that has also helped to inspire me. I have read many books and most of them have given me ideas for new stories. Winning this competition would both inspire me and help me to write better stories.

Another reason why I want to go to Melbourne is so I can meet the famous authors that are going to be there, in hope that they will answer all my questions about writing and give me new ideas. Someday I would like to be a famous author like them.

As you can clearly see I love writing and have an ambition to become a real author and publish my stories. For proof that I am good writer I will show you a story I have written.

Rhianna Carty  wrote:
Hi, I’m Rhianna, I’m 12 and I love writing.

I love to be creative! I use my imagination a lot I think it’s fun to be creative!

Writing can help release troublesome thoughts, feelings and emotion.

Later in life you will need different skills. Reading and writing are two big ones! There’s also maths but that’s hard!

Writing gives you inspiration no matter if it’s a sentence, quote, joke or story.

Writing makes us connect and communicate.

Writing can give us social networking such as Facebook, twitter, tumbler, instagram and the internet. It helps us share what we have to offer. Ask for other’s opinions, see what they think.

Writing can give us newspapers, articles, magazines and books.
It can help you get a job, hobby and an amazing life.

It helps language, spelling, and thinking abilities. It can also help your education and how you act towards writing.

You come across lots of reading and writing tasks in the later stages of life.
Every time, you write. Your brain activity increases, you get that tiny inspiration and it turns into something big.

The workshops you hold will help my writing. It would give me an opportunity to learn new words, meet new people, experiment with my writing, and learn more and to also be inspired.

The reason why I think I should get to experience this amazing one time opportunity is because I love to write. I can come up with some good ideas and make my grandmother proud; she passed away after I told her I was going to try this. She was so happy with all the amazing work and thought I put into my first year of high school. It would give both of us something to be proud of. 

I would make my family proud, my friends proud and my teacher and past teachers proud.
I also have never been to Melbourne before!

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