Asia Education Foundation Indonesian BRIDGE partner school

Jenny  Dudgeon and Ingrid Colman from Lansdowne Crescent Primary recently visited the school's Asia Education Foundation Indonesian BRIDGE partner school SDN Kaliasin 1 in Surabaya, East Java. 

Jenny and Ingrid are pictured above with the Principal Pak Samsul, Bu Asti, Bu Yenni and Mam Tri at the school.

Kaliasin’s Principal greeting all students at the start of the school day.
Jenny and Ingrid were at SDN Kaliasin from 8th June to 14 June, 2013 on an Asia Education Foundation Individual Study Tour supported by Lansdowne Crescent Primary School.

Lansdowne Crescent students communicate with students in their partner school through letters and video conferencing with Skype.

Indo students reading letters from their BRIDGE partner school students.
Skyping Lansdowne Crescent Primary’s Assembly from Kaliasin School.

Ingrid is an Indonesian Language teacher. Jenny teaches Prep and has a sustainability role across Southern Tasmania. They co-lead a  2012-2013 Becoming Asia Literate Project across four schools.

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