Kempton Primary Moves and Eats Well

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Congratulations to Collette Bell and the team at Kempton Primary School: they have just renewed their Move Well Eat Well Award for another two years.
This means Kempton Primary has taken an organised and sustainable approach to the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity as a positive, normal part of every day for every student.
In doing so they have made strong links to their families and the community.
Principal Collet Bell says:

“We’ve seen the benefits from participating in the Move Well Eat Well program in all aspects of our school community.

Children are more active and thrive on trying out a new fruit or vegetable, water is part of our everyday school life and the community are thinking more carefully about how they can support healthy living in young people.

Whole school Move Well, Eat Well events (for example school walks), are involving students, teachers, parents and community members.

It’s fantastic to see so much enthusiasm about being active and healthy eating across the School community!”

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