Darren, the Digital Native … on the hunt for new skills

When Darren, a new year 9 student, arrived at the Tasmanian eSchool in March he was using Facebook and his iPhone as if he was born wired to the internet.

But accessing his online classes, via a Virtual Learning Environment, required a whole new set of skills, as Darren quickly came to realize. Cue the new eSchool eTraining Team.

At each campus, a staff member works closely with each new student and their family over several weeks to ensure that all the necessary elearning skills are rehearsed and embedded before they join their online classes.
Logging on, uploading work, participating in real time or text chat and forums, and using YouTube and Google for educational reasons are all new skills for many students…. skills that quickly become familiar and well used as digital natives immerse themselves in their new online education.

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