Assembly in Cyber Space

Over 100 members of the Tasmanian eSchool community – students, teachers and parents - logged into a real time, online assembly in early February.
They were celebrating the beginning of the 2013 school year and the first use of their new Virtual Learning Environment, Fronter.

Students from as far away as China clapped (virtually) as new teachers were introduced and the major events of the term - camps, picnics and sports days - were discussed.
In turn, students used their text chat, as well as their microphones, to talk about themselves and their hopes for the school year.
eSchool teacher takes students from assembly into online class
After the assembly students moved into their (online) classes, ready to complete, upload and submit their first learning task for the year.
With eSchool students working online, onsite and on paper theirs is a truly blended educational world.
Student participating online from his hospital bed

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