Promoting healthy food and active lifestyles

Tasmanian students are learning more about healthy food and active lifestyles than ever before as schools tap into a range of complementary programs including Move Well Eat Well, the Cool Canteen Accreditation Program (Cool CAP) and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.
The Move Well Eat Well Program aims to give students healthy messages, such as the inclusion of fruit and vegetables in their lunchboxes, tapping into water daily, limiting ‘occasional’ foods, lessons on healthy eating, and the importance of physical activity. 

Move Well Eat Well is a state-wide initiative jointly supported by the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services to assist school communities and their families to promote physical activity and healthy eating. 

The Cool Canteen Accreditation Program (Cool CAP) offers a model of best practice for canteen management with schools encouraged to meet progressively higher standards in areas such as food safety and healthy foods, earning bronze, silver and gold-level accreditation from the Tasmanian School Canteen Association.

Perth Primary School and Cressy District High School are leading examples of schools whose canteens are full of tasty and nutritious food.  Cool CAP goes beyond junk-food-free canteens, with participating schools educating their students to make the right choices for a healthy future. One example of the way it links healthy eating with the learning curriculum and classroom is the involvement of students in planning meals to teach them about food and nutrition.

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program aims to bring food into the curriculum and culture of schools, with students planning, growing and harvesting their own gardens then learning to cook the very food they have cultivated.

Through the program, students build invaluable knowledge and understanding of food and of the integral role it plays in wellbeing, creating positive eating habits and enjoyment of food.

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